Quick Reference Guide for Utility Applications

Patent prosecution procedures at the USPTO can be complex. Learn more about how to avoid common errors that occur during pre-examination stages, and all the way up to allowance.

Quick Reference Guide for Design Applications

A well-executed design patent can add dimension to your patent portfolio by adding an additional layer of protection. Learn the requirements of a design application to see if your invention is a good candidate.  

Overview of Post-Grant Proceedings

There are several different post-grant proceedings, each tailored to a specific purpose. Learn about the differences between the various types of post-grant proceedings, whether they are available to you, and how they can help you avoid costly litigation.

Quick Reference Guide for Trademark Applications

A trademark is a valuable asset that houses the goodwill of your customer base.  It represents an intangible aspect of the worth of a company. Thus, obtaining trademark registration is one way of leveraging an investment in your brand. There is more than one basis for seeking federal trademark registration. Our Trademark Application Guide explains some of the basics.